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How to create CSV file on Mac?


Last updated on Sep 05, 2023

Creating a CSV file on your Mac is easier than you might think. It's a useful skill to have, especially when you want to share data or import it into programs or apps like Mystrika.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Step 1: Open Your Excel File

  • First, open the Excel file that contains the data you want to save as a CSV. If you're not sure how to open Excel, simply double-click the Excel icon in your Applications folder.

Step 2: Click on "File"

  • In the top-left corner of your screen, you'll see a menu bar. Click on "File" to access the file-related options.

Step 3: Choose "Save As"

  • From the dropdown menu that appears when you click "File," select "Save As." This will open a window that allows you to specify how you want to save your file.

Step 4: Select the File Format

  • In the "Save As" window, you'll see a field where you can choose the file format. Click on it to see a list of available formats. Look for "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)" in the list. This is the format you want for a CSV file.

Step 5: Click "Save"

  • Once you've selected "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)," click the "Save" button. You'll be asked where you want to save the file on your computer. Choose a location that makes sense to you, and click "Save" again.

That's it! You've successfully created a CSV file from your Excel spreadsheet. It's now ready to be used with other applications or shared with others.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy data managing! 😊