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Scrape and Enrich Leads Effortlessly with Findymail


Last updated on Jul 20, 2023

Findymail is a versatile web scraper that also functions as an email verifier, eliminating the need for additional verification tools.

Follow these simple steps to efficiently scrape leads from Sales Navigator or enrich your domain list:

Scraping Leads from Sales Navigator:

  1. Install Findymail's Chrome extension.

  2. Obtain your Findymail API key (click here) and log in using the extension.

  3. Conduct a search on Sales Navigator, then click "Export to CSV" when ready.

  4. Save the CSV file containing your search results.

The best part? All emails extracted by Findymail are pre-verified, making them ready for import into your Mystrika's cold campaign.

Enriching the Domain List:

  1. Access the dashboard and navigate to "Bulk from domains."

  2. Upload your CSV file.

  3. Select the Website column from the CSV and specify desired job titles for the search. Click Start.

  4. Once the search concludes, download the enriched CSV file from the results section.

With Findymail's seamless lead scraping and enrichment capabilities, you can supercharge your lead generation efforts and streamline your outreach campaigns.

Save time and effort, and get ready to witness impressive results!