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Using Evaboot for Efficient Lead Generation with Linkedin Sales Navigator


Last updated on Jul 20, 2023

Evaboot, an intelligent AI Linkedin Sales Navigator scraper, streamlines lead extraction and data enrichment through Linkedin searches, converting the results into a convenient CSV file.

To leverage Evaboot for your lead generation, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account is required.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign up on https://evaboot.com/ and download their Chrome extension.

  2. Open Sales Navigator and initiate your search using Linkedin filters for precise targeting.

  3. Apply basic filters and further refine them to suit your needs. Sales Navigator offers over 30 filters, ranging from company-related to personal attributes.

  4. Utilize the Company section to apply filters like Company headquarters, Company Headcount, and Company Type for tailored searches.

  5. The Role filter helps you specify positions, seniority, and years in the current company/position of the contact.

  6. Make use of the Spotlight filter to find individuals based on their LinkedIn activity and create personalized ice-breakers for messages.

  7. The Posted content filter allows you to identify people who post articles related to topics or problems your solutions can address.

  8. In the Personal filter, focus on individual attributes like connections, location, years of experience, and group memberships.

  9. The Workflow section enables importing and enriching saved lists of leads or accounts.

  10. For Account-related searches, explore Company attributes to narrow down your results based on annual revenue, technology used, and more.

  11. Use the Spotlight filter to discover companies currently hiring on Linkedin or experiencing recent changes in senior leadership or funding events.

  12. Ensure your leads meet your targeting criteria, then transfer them to the Evaboot app by clicking the Evaboot extension.

  13. Name your list and initiate the scraping process on the Evaboot site.

  14. After extraction, click "Find emails" to access email data, and confirm the email extraction process.

  15. Evaboot automatically verifies if the leads match your Sales Navigator search filters.

  16. Choose to download All leads or only the Qualified leads that precisely match your criteria.

  17. Once the leads are enriched, you can download the CSV file, with email addresses in a separate column.

  18. Verify the list with an email verifier to ensure high-quality leads for your outreach campaigns.

By following these steps, you can efficiently mine targeted leads using Evaboot's powerful capabilities and maximize the impact of your Linkedin Sales Navigator searches.