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Using Launch Gravity to Extract Relevant Leads


Last updated on Jul 20, 2023

Launch Gravity is a powerful lead database that tracks new business creations and web activity, with a specific focus on fundable startups.

Targeting recently funded companies can be highly effective, as they are more likely to have the financial means to invest in services or products to support their growth and expansion.

One of the key benefits of Launch Gravity is its provision of reports and data on various segments, such as Inc. 5000 (fastest-growing companies), Y Combinator batches, and companies founded by former Facebook employees. This segmented data enables personalized outreach at scale, allowing you to craft tailored messages like "Congrats on getting funding for {{company_name}}!" or "Congrats on your recent ProductHunt launch!".

The platform offers several data segments that are regularly updated, including Y Combinator lists, New Founders, and recently funded companies. You can access and save these lists for future use.

Some contacts in the lists already come with email addresses, which will be visible when you download the CSV file. For contacts without email addresses, tools like Apollo.io can be used for data enrichment.

Launch Gravity provides additional filtering options based on Founder DNA, Experience, Gender, Country, Industry, etc., allowing you to refine your search and target leads more precisely.

Exporting the data from Launch Gravity is straightforward through the Export button.

It's essential to verify the lead lists from Launch Gravity before importing them into your campaign to ensure accuracy and relevance.

For enriching accounts without contact data, Apollo.io can be employed, providing a seamless solution to enhance your lead information.

With Launch Gravity's valuable insights and segmented data, your lead generation efforts will be bolstered, enabling you to engage with potential clients effectively.