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Utilizing Twitter for Targeted B2B Email: A Step-by-Step Guide


Last updated on Jul 20, 2023

Twitter is a fantastic way to acquire highly relevant B2B emails for your outreach campaigns. Follow these steps to efficiently scrape B2B emails from relevant accounts:

  1. Twitter Login: Access your Twitter account.

  2. Keyword Search: Begin by searching for keywords that align with your niche or target market.

  3. Identify High-Follower Accounts: Look for users or accounts with a substantial follower count that are pertinent to your target audience.

  4. Copy the URL of the chosen account and head to https://www.scrapybird.com/. Scrapybird is a great tool for acquiring leads from Twitter.

  5. Lead Verification: Ensure your collected emails are verified by verifying using an email verification tool like Debounce or ZeroBounce. It's verify important to verify your emails, as email bounce are the #1 reason for degradation in email / domain reputation.

  6. Add Leads to Your Campaign: Once lead verification is complete, and seamlessly upload the verified leads to your campaign.

By employing this method, you can gather targeted B2B emails from Twitter, boosting the relevance of your outreach campaigns and yielding better results.