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Setup filters for Warmup Emails


Last updated on Jul 18, 2023

Warmup Emails are the AI written Emails, send from one Warmup Email Address in Mystrika's warmup pool to another.

They are sent, received, replied, and moved out of spam (if needed), sending positive signals across the ESPs building your Email reputation.

Though, Mystrika automatically cleans up it's Warmup Emails (yes, sent warmup emails as well), some of our customers don't want to see Warmup Emails at all.

If you are one of them, please follow video guide at , and .

Please note :

Every Account on Mystrika is provided a special Identifier, that can be found at,

"Settings" tab > "Account Identifier".

In addition to that, every individual Email Address on Mystrika is assigned a unique Identifier found at,

"Home" tab > Click "four dots" > Warmup settings > "Email Code / Identifier".

You need to use these, while setting up the filter based on email body.

Very Important :

Please pay attention to destination folder/label being used in the video guide.

Making any mistake to that can lead to significant reduction in Warmup's effectiveness for your Email Address.