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Warm-Up: Understanding its Significance and Functionality


Last updated on Aug 04, 2023

How the Warmup Works:

The warmup feature in Mystrika is designed to replicate human-like interactions between email accounts, ensuring optimal deliverability and engagement.

Here's how it works:

  1. Mimicking Human Conversations: Mystrika's warmup functionality simulates natural email exchanges, similar to conversations with friends.

    However, in this case, your "friends" are other Mystrika users who have also activated the warmup feature.

  2. Building Positive Signals: When you send emails through Mystrika, they are crafted using the advanced Mystrika's algorithm.

    These emails generate positive signals to email service providers (ESPs) like Google and Outlook, indicating that your email account and sending domain are genuine and relevant.

  3. Improved Deliverability: By establishing a strong reputation through warmup, your cold email campaigns are more likely to reach the recipients' inbox and be opened and responded to.

    This boosts the overall deliverability of your outreach efforts.

Why Warm-Up is Important:

  1. Enhanced Account Longevity: In addition to deliverability benefits, the warmup process prolongs the lifespan of your outreach email accounts.

    By gradually establishing a positive sender reputation, you reduce the risk of account suspension or being flagged as spam.

  2. Improved SMTP and IMAP Servers: When you connect your sending accounts to Mystrika and initiate the warmup process, not only are your email accounts warmed up, but your SMTP sending server and IMAP servers also benefit from improved performance and reputation.

  3. Sustainable Email Outreach: With warmup, you can maintain a steady and sustainable email outreach strategy.

    By avoiding account burnout and ensuring consistent deliverability, you can continue engaging with prospects over an extended period.

What action is needed from your side?

Absolutely nothing.

Just add your email address to Mystrika on "Home" tab, and let it do it's job for two weeks minimum.

Before using any email address you own for Cold Emailing, make sure you have been on Warmup for at least 14 days, and have a "Success %" of 90+ on Home tab.

When to turn off Email Warmup?

Never! We repeat, never turn off Email Warmup.

It's a very common misconception, that email address (or domain) once warmed up, has to be taken off the warmup.

Please don't get into misconception. Email warmup is the only thing saving your Email Addresses (and domain)'s reputation while doing cold email outreach, if/when your campaign tanks.

It's a well known fact, that email (and domain)'s reputation is built on how folks you are sending emails to are interacting with your emails, and we all know in cold email most folks might not be interacting so well with your emails. Email warmup counter-balance that by interacting with your emails instead.