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Using Reply-To : Should you?


Last updated on Jul 18, 2023

"Reply-To" is an advanced feature to be used in your Campaigns.

It's present at "Campaign Settings" > "Reply-To".

This feature grants you the flexibility to send emails through one provider and receive responses in a different inbox, catering to your unique preferences and use cases.

Please a video guide instead? .

Here's what you need to know about the reply-to address feature:

  1. Customized Email Routing:

    • You can choose to route your replies to a separate email provider or inbox of your choice.

    • For example, you can send emails via GSuite and receive responses directly in BlueHost.

    • Alternatively, you can direct all your Mystrika's campaign replies to your business email for centralized management.

  2. Seamless Lead Communication:

    • By setting up a reply-to address, you ensure that when leads respond to your campaigns, their emails are redirected to the designated inbox.

    • For instance, if you set [email protected] as the reply-to address and use [email protected] as the sending account, any lead replying to emails sent from [email protected] will be automatically sent to [email protected] instead.

    Note: Setting `reply-to` will result in reply detection in Unibox not working.

Important: This option is discouraged, because ESPs can tie your sending email ids via your reply-to addresses.