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Custom Tracking Domain - How & Why


Last updated on Aug 16, 2023

What is a Custom Tracking Domain?

Custom Tracking Domain a feature that allows you to set up a personalized domain within Mystrika for tracking email opens and link clicks. By using your own specified domain instead of our default one, you gain greater control and isolation from other accounts.

Think of it as bringing your own toothbrush on a road trip—only you get to use it, preventing any potential dental problems associated with sharing. Similarly, with a custom tracking domain, you maintain a distinct sender reputation, enhancing deliverability and the overall success of your email campaigns.

Not only does a custom tracking domain provide privacy and security, but it also acts as a proxy, ensuring your tracking activities are uniquely associated with your brand. It's like having a tailored tracking experience that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Step-by-Step Guide to add a Custom Tracking Domain

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Follow these simple steps to set it up and enjoy a personalized tracking experience:

  1. Access your domain provider account:

    • Log in to your domain provider account.

    • Locate the specific domain you want to associate with your Custom Tracking Domain.

    Note : If you are using a DNS provider (like Cloudflare) or cPanel, you might need to do this there instead of your domain registrar. In general, whichever server is managing your NameServer, is responsible for your CNAME and other records.

  2. Manage/Edit DNS records:

    • Navigate to the DNS settings or DNS Zone management section of your domain provider.

    • Look for the option to manage or edit DNS records for the selected domain.

  3. Create a new CNAME record:

    • Add a new CNAME record to establish the connection between your domain and Mystrika.

    • Enter the following details for the new DNS record:

  4. Save the record:

    • Once you have entered the required information, save the CNAME record.

    • This action ensures that the record is updated in the DNS Zone of your domain.

  5. Confirm record propagation:

    • To verify the successful propagation of the CNAME record, you can use a tool like MxToolbox.com.

    • Enter "trk.yourdomain.com" as the CNAME you want to test.

    • Click on "CNAME Lookup" to perform the test.

    • The result should display the Canonical Name as "cname.mystrika.com."

  6. Add "trk.yourdomain.com" at "Home" > Click "four dots" > Campaign Config.

Please Note : Remember to replace "yourdomain.com" with your domain name, and "trk" with any subdomain prefix you choose to use.

In summary, always consider using a custom tracking domain in Mystrika to ensure a unique and dedicated tracking experience tailored to your business needs. It's an effective way to safeguard your sending reputation and enjoy the benefits of personalized tracking.