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Campaign Launch Checklist


Last updated on Jul 18, 2023

Before launching your campaigns, it's crucial to ensure that your domain and email setup is done correctly for optimal performance.

Here's a checklist to follow:

SPF & DKIM Check: Ensure that your domain has proper SPF and DKIM records in place. These authentication protocols help validate your emails and enhance deliverability.

Test Email Deliverability: Use Mail Tester, a handy tool to verify your email deliverability. It analyzes various factors that affect your email's chances of landing in the recipient's inbox.

Success % above 90: Ensure you have email warmup running on email ids for at-least two weeks before you launch your campaign. One of the best way to ensure your email ids are ready for sending cold email is by keeping a tab on "Success %" on home tab.

You should launch your campaign only if your email ids have "Success %" above 90 and have been warming for at least two weeks.

Verify Leads : Double confirm if your leads have been email verified by an Email Verification tool before launch. It's crucial to keep your email bounce rate low, else your email id (and domain)'s reputation will be at risk.

Campaign Schedule Settings, and Campaign Options: Double-check your leads table to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Review your schedule settings to ensure campaigns are sent at the desired times. Verify campaign options such as reply tracking, open tracking, and other settings to align with your objectives.

By taking the time to properly configure your domain and email settings, you'll ensure a smooth and successful campaign that yields optimal results.